Click on each of the questions below to see the answers to these frequently asked questions. And please contact us anytime with any questions at (415) 509-3725 or fill out our form here.

Do you offer private, one-on-one instruction?

YES. We offer private instruction where we come to your home, place of business, or other location. We also have the option of coming to our location in the Mission district of San Francisco. Before we meet, we will conduct a short “exploratory” meeting with you to find out your goals, skill level and interest, thereby customizing the lesson for you. We also provide handouts and literature as necessary.

Do you offer group classes?

YES. We offer group classes for retirement communities, businesses, schools (teachers and/or students), attorneys/lawyers/legal staff, seniors and youths. All of our classes can be custom designed for your group. We deliver the class on-location at your site, work around your schedule and tailor it to your needs.

Do you provide handouts and literature?

Yes. For both our private and group classes, we provide students with additional resource material to aid in their learning. As necessary, the instructor may create a custom set of notes from that day’s class. Additionally, text books, special exercises, PDF files and web tools may be used during a class

What are your instructors like?

Our instructors are patient, highly experienced in both the tools they are teaching and their teaching abilities. Many have advanced degrees in education, computer science, design and more. We pride ourselves on being patient instructors with a “beginner’s mind” remembering what it was like to learn a new tool for the first time.

Do you teach Mac/Apple applications?

YES. We teach Mac OS tools including all of MS Office, iMovie, the Adobe CS Suite, iPhoto, iPhone, iPad, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Entourage and more. Call us to find out more.

Do you offer tech-support and computer maintenance?

Yes, we do. Pretty much anything the Geek Squad can do, we can do, and much cheaper. We can clean up computers, get rid of viruses, speed up your computer, install software, wireless network issues and more. And of course, we come to you.

Do you have a computer lab where you hold classes?

No. Our specialty is in-home and in-house computer training. We work on location so you and/or your employees/colleagues do not have to travel. We have partners in the tech training business we can refer you to if you would like an off-site classroom experience, so inquire with us and we will refer you.